Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kindle eReader training at Medford IMC

During a training at the Medford School District Instructional Media Center, Elementary Media Specialist Karen Angiolet walked several media technicians through setting up Kindle devices for use in their respective libraries.

Each school will have three Kindles, loaded with eBooks at reading levels of second-to-third, fourth-to-fifth and sixth-grade and above. Students will be able to check the Kindles out for 14-day lending periods.

The media technicians will administer the Kindles through “Whispercast” accounts. Ms. Angiolet walked them through adding the Kindles to their accounts, associating the Kindles to groups and setting policies to disable features on the Kindles that they don’t want the students to use.

The media technicians also added the Kindles to their libraries’ online catalogs.

Next, the media technicians began loading the Kindles with eBooks. They started by browsing classic literature available free-of-charge through Amazon. Each technician has also been given a budget to purchase eMaterials.

Ms. Angiolet suggested short stories by YA authors, including Veronica Roth, author of Divergent. According to Ms. Angiolet, these authors of YA novels often publish works of short fiction exclusively as eBooks. Students familiar with the longer writings may enjoy these shorter works.

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