Thursday, February 21, 2019

Scholastic Book Fair, cabinets arrive

Row of metal-gray cabinets on wheels, piled with cardboard boxes

The library will be a very different place at Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts, when these Scholastic Book Fair cabinets are opened, and the merchandise is arranged. Appreciation to the many volunteers who make the book fair and Literacy Week possible.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Award winners in SRCSA library

Countertop display of books with sign: '2019 American Library Association / Youth Media Awards / Winners and Honor Books.' The books, arranged with front-covers facing forward, are, left to right: 'Dreamers' by Yuyi Morales, 'The Truth According to Mason Buttle' by Leslie Connor, 'The Stufff of Stars' by Marion Dane Bauer, and 'Merci Suarez Changes Gears' by Meg Medina.

Among new arrivals in the library at Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts: some 2019 Medal and Honor-Book recipients of the American Library Association’s Youth Media Awards. Each year, the ALA recognizes “the best” among children’s and young adult literature. In the photo: this partial view shows a few of the recent honorees. There were more books in this counter-top display than I could fit in the frame — and a few books are missing from the display, for the absolute best of reasons: that is, the books have found their way into readers’ hands. Appreciation to the School for the Arts Community Organization, which financed purchasing new books for the library.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Encuestra LCAP para Santa Rosa City Schools

(En español / In Spanish)
Puede anticipar una encuestra para el Plan de Cuentas de Control Local (LCAP) para Santa Rosa City Schools. Más información en el Boletín de noticias del SRCS para febrero 2019:

La Encuesta LCAP llegará dentro de poco

¿Ha comentado sobre nuestras escuelas el año pasado? Miles de padres, alumnos, maestros, personal y miembros de la comunidad participaron en nuestra encuesta sobre LCAP por medio del Internet. Nos dijeron lo que les gusta en nuestras escuelas y las cosas que podemos mejorar. Se usa la información recogida por la encuesta para establecer las prioridades para nuestras escuelas en el próximo año. La encuesta para este año estará disponible a finales de febrero. ¡Puede anticipar un correo electrónico que le invita a participar…o visite nuestro sitio web al final del mes para encontrar un enlace para la Encuesta de LCAP!

(En inglés / In English)​
Look for a survey for the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) for Santa Rosa City Schools. More information in SRCS’s newsletter for February 2019:

LCAP survey coming soon

Did you share your thoughts about our schools last year? Thousands of parents, students, teachers, staff and community members participated in our online LCAP Survey. They told us what they like about our schools and where we can improve. Information from the survey is used as we all set priorities for our schools for next year. This year's survey will be available online in late February. Look for an email inviting you to participate... or go to our website at the end of the month to find the LCAP Survey link!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Novel sets, cataloged for Language Arts class

Four stacks of books consisting of two separate titles, 'Black Like Me' and 'The Red Umbrella.' Each title is grouped into two stacks each, out of the total four. The stacks of books are next to a laptop computer. The books each have a barcode in the upper-left corner, front cover. Numbers have also been written in black pen across the books' pages, bottom-edge

My ongoing mission as a “curriculum librarian” for Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts: to catalog and barcode novel sets when teachers alert me that they’re assigning them. Shown here are some books that I recently cataloged for middle-school Language Arts.

Cataloging is essential to tracking the use of resources in-library or in-classroom, and Follett Resource Manager ties inventory records across Santa Rosa City Schools. The automated catalog offers a single go-to place for keeping track of educational resources.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Scholastic Book Fair, planning box arrives

Blue-cardboard box, labeled 'Scholastic Book Fairs Planning Kit,' sitting on counter-top

Among this past week’s highlights: the Scholastic Book Fairs planning box arrived at Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts. Just a few more weeks, and the library will be transformed into a bookstore for the duration of fair. I’m looking forward to the book fair and accompanying “Literacy Week.” And I appreciate the hard work of the many volunteers that make these events possible.