Friday, August 22, 2014

‘Students Engage with Journalism’ on Slideshare

Originally written as a blog post on June 2, 2014, this book list has been formatted for insertion into a binder for easy use during reader’s advisory. It highlights four upper-elementary level books about students engaging with journalism.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

‘School Libraries Work!’

Report cover: School Libraries Work!, third edition, produced by Scholastic Library Publishing
School Libraries Work!, a “research foundation paper” produced by Scholastic Library Publishing, compiles position statements and studies “that cite the measurable impact school libraries and library media specialists have on student achievement.” As a life-time user of libraries and a passionate library supporter, I recognize the value of a document like this when building an argument for library investment.

My assignment when reading this document was to focus on a study in Illinois by Lance, Rodney, and Hamilton-Pennell in 2005 and a study in Ohio by Todd, Kuhlthau and Oelma in 2004.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I work with an awesome teacher-librarian

In my introductory post for LIBT 210, School Library/Media Services, I talked about how I worked part-time in an elementary school library.

Reading aloud: Wonderful example for children

Responding to my post about early reading influences in my Children’s Literature class, a classmate raises the point that my husband and me reading aloud together can set a wonderful example for “whatever little ears are around.”

Monday, August 18, 2014

Children’s literature: Early influences

In an online forum for my Early Childhood Education class, students are asked to think back concerning their earliest experiences with books. “Do you remember a parent, grandparent, or teacher reading to you? As you learned to read, were you encouraged to read, and what sorts of books did you like and/or dislike and why? Was reading modeled at home by other family members?”

Children’s literature: My reasons for taking course

My black cat Starfire curls in a ball, her head gazing toward photographer, on a shelf padded with towel and small afghan. Books are shelved on the lower shelf that Starfire's shelf is attached to. Their spines display various titles related to library work.
For my classmates’ enjoyment: Starfire on her special ‘cat shelf’
In an online forum, my Early Childhood Education class asks for an introduction, including my reasons for taking the class and any experience working with children.