Thursday, March 29, 2012

Summarizing takes practice. Thanks, work-Tweets!

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In his March 25 entry, blogger Landon Bryce (thAutcast) emphasizes summarizing as an extremely important skill after identifying similarities and differences:

“Because it can be especially difficult for people with autism, it is especially important that we work on it.”

Bryce offers practical suggestions for exercising this crucial skill:

“You can practice summarizing often:  try doing it during the commercials while watching TV or talking a few seconds to summarize the YouTube video or blog post before moving on the next one. 
“Summaries do not have not to be in words: try drawing a picture or a map.”
My work as social media curator for the Lake County Record-Bee ( affords me a daily opportunity to practice this important skill.

A post on Facebook allows the viewer to read a story's opening paragraph but when I promote a story on Twitter, I am limited by the number of characters.

My objective: try to communicate as much information from that story's opening paragraph in my Twitter post.

Summarizing takes practice and I exercise it daily. Thanks, work-Tweets!

To read Bryce's complete post and view an accompanying video, go to

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