Monday, July 13, 2015

Return of the incredible cane baldric

Metal cane, painted with paisley pattern in green, brown and red, with a three-strand braid out of dark-green and olive-green T-shirt fabric secured to the cane near the handle and approximately one-quarter from the base. The cane and braided strap are lying on daffodil-print pale blue fabric.
My cane baldric, braided from strips of T-shirt fabric
I caught my right little toe against a door frame Friday evening and it’s swollen, discolored and tender. This presented an opportunity to once again bring out the incredible cane baldric.

I braided the strap two years ago from strips of T-shirt fabric. I had injured my ankle and relied on the cane for help in getting around.

The purpose of the strap was so that I could transport my cane when I rode my bicycle, and I got the idea for a repurposed T-shirt strap from a “Teen Crafternoon” activity in the teen department, Ashland library.

People seemed to draw a disconnect between my walking with a cane and being able to ride a bicycle. But use of the bicycle involves a different set of muscles than walking does.

When I’d injured my ankle, I could effectively ride my bicycle even though it was difficult to walk. Similarly, during my bicycle trips this weekend, I placed zero weight upon my injured toe.

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