Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Library services to children: Certificate of specialization

My certificate of specialization in library services to children arrived from Cuesta College this week. With my Associate’s degree in Library and Information Technology, it represents an official completion to my library coursework.

From August 2010 to May 2014, I took part in an online program to earn my Associate in Science degree. Some of these courses fulfilled requirements for this additional certificate. This past semester, I took two remaining courses to complete the certificate requirements.

During my studies, I volunteered at my public library.

In October 2013, I started work as Library Assistant at Bellview Elementary School, and I credit my time shelving books in the children’s room at the Middletown library for being able to correctly sort books for shelving during the job interview. The books’ labeling was similar to that on books at my public library.

I enjoy working with children in Bellview library, especially when I can connect a child with the book or author that brings that child back to read more.

When children need help locating things in the library, I talk through and model looking things up through the library catalog and then using an item’s call number to find its place on library shelves. It thrills me to watch a child duplicate these steps and find items on his or her own.

And when I think back to my own career as a lifetime user of libraries, childhood was when the habit started.

I made regular use of the libraries at Calistoga Elementary and Calistoga Junior/Senior High School. My mother also arranged for me to have my own library card, and I was able to visit the public library at least once per week.

I hope that for many years, I create lifetime habits of reading and instill a love for books in children who come to the library. Who knows, I may start them on a journey of lifelong learners who love and rely upon libraries.

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