Monday, March 3, 2014

Read Across America Day

Cynthia Parkhill wearing blue-and-gold "Cat in the Hat" hat with armload of books
Today is Read Across America Day, it’s true,
the day of all days to celebrate You-Know-Who.
No, not that one; Lord Voldemort
Is not the You-Know-Who I’m talking about.
It’s Theodor Geisel, you know him as Dr. Seuss.
He’s the man of the hour, the man of the day,
The reason that I say “Hip-hip-hooray.”
So please excuse the impromptu rhyme
With which I’ve arguably wasted my time.
Let’s read across America and, what’s more, today
thank the Classified Staff-member who brightens your day.
Yes, “Classified Employee Appreciation Week”
begins as we celebrate Dr. Seuss’s feats.
Now I’ve given you two things
to celebrate in fact,
So go out and proudly wear your Dr. Seuss hat.

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