Friday, April 12, 2013

Cosplay ≠ Consent

Cartoon panel with caption: "Cosplay ≠ Consent. Don't be a douche, don't stand by if you see it happen. Let the harassers know that it's not cool."

Here's Cosplay ≠ Consent, created by Kanthara on Tumblr, that is rich with themes I blog about: victim-blaming and the importance of bystanders to combat/negate bullying. Add to it the realm of science fiction/fantasy fandom in which, far from being an inclusive haven, women can be targets of hostility on the basis of their looks.

Credit goes to my brother Andrew Parkhill for bringing my attention to this image, which offers commentary on an incident at PAX East in which a male journalist posed sexually-suggestive questions to women portraying Lara Croft.

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