Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ashland, Oregon: Resumes to area media

Can lightning strike twice? A cold resume got me a job 15 years ago with Lake County Publishing in northern California. I took a bus ride into nearby Medford today to leave resumes with area media.

Three media properties are located within blocks of Rogue Valley Transportation District’s South Front Street station:
  • KOBI-TV at 125 S. Fir St., 541-779-5555. Its news director, Julie Akins, wrote fantastic commentary about commuting to work in Medford by bus. It was posted April 8, 2012 by the Medford Mail Tribune.
  •  Southern Oregon Public Television, 34 S. Fir St., 541-779-0808. My family is a long-time supporter of public television. When we lived in Rohnert Park, Calif., I arranged for a group from our local chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism to man the phone banks one evening during a pledge drive for KRCB 22.My family was also a financial supporter of KRCB and KQED in the Bay Area.
  • The Ashland Daily Tidings and Medford Mail Tribune, 111 N. Fir St., 541-482-3456. Before relocating to Ashland, I followed local news remotely thanks to these print publications’ online counterparts.
I am grateful to be living in Ashland, Oregon, a dream of so many years, and need work to sustain that dream. And while I am open to work that takes me in a new direction, journalism is the realm in which I have immediate past experience.

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