Thursday, February 28, 2013

Last day of work at Lake County Record-Bee

Various figurines and artifacts of cats, rendered in various styles ranging from abstract to realistic.
Cat memorabilia given me by co-workers at the Record-Bee
Today was my last day of work at the Lake County Record-Bee. The month’s close marked the end of a professional association that lasted 15 years.

The newsroom is made up of dedicated journalists and I am honored to call them friends and colleagues. We share a special bond through working together to publish the news each day. I am grateful to have collaborated with them as members of a team.

Lake County Publishing permitted me a platform to express my views about issues I care about. I appreciate readers who engaged with my viewpoints by submitting letters in response.

Lake Transit drivers watched out for me and got me to and from work. My monthly rider’s pass was one of the best investments that my family made each month.

I am thankful for volunteer and club activities with the Lake County Arts Council, the Lake County Library and Toastmasters club No. 8734, Tenacious Talkers in Finley. The times I spend shelving books or pulling holds at our local libraries are among the best parts of my week.

A small church lending library was my hands-on learning laboratory for coursework toward my Associate’s degree in library and information technology. I am grateful to the congregation for giving me my first “real librarian” job.

I hope to draw strength from these associations and experiences as I pursue dreams for myself and my family. I value the time my family and I lived in Lake County, Calif.

Published March 2, 2013 in the Lake County Record-Bee.

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