Saturday, December 29, 2012

American Libraries editor: ‘Community engagement’ is library theme for 2013

Viking fans Brett Gardner and his mother, Tami Gardner, watch  a video
on the 
TC Rover TV with John Brewer and C.J. Sinner of
From Steve Buttry/The Buttry Diary
“If I were predicting a library theme for 2013, it would be community engagement,” American Libraries editor Laurie D. Borman writes in the January/February 2013 edition that arrived in my mailbox today.

I observe a similar perspective among my journalism mentors: for each library “makerspace,” there’s a community newsroom or mobile newsroom like’s TC Rover.

Community engagement is a shared objective among library professionals and journalists. In both instances, the consumer and/or patron benefits by being empowered to transition from consumer to creator of media.

And as library school and volunteer experience supplements my professional journalism, this shared emphasis is an area of particular importance to me. It resonates in both capacities.

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