Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Autism book list has new address

"All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome" by Kathy Hoopmann

For a couple of years I've curated a list of books that I think beneficial to people who are on the autism spectrum. It presently resides at this blog.

The list originated as part of my discovery of what it means to be on the spectrum after being diagnosed in adulthood. Its intended audience is people who may be new to their own diagnosis and who seek more information.

I first posted the list as a note on my Facebook profile and later on my public page. Each move was intended to make the list acessible to a wider readership.

A person shouldn't have to "friend" me, shouldn't have to have a Facebook account, to be able to access the list.

When I began blogging, it seemed a natural step to migrate the list to this blog for its accessibility via subject-tagging.

A blog with tags like "autism," "Asperger's syndrome," "autism book list" and "books" has a greater likelihood of being found by a potential reader than a note passively sitting on a Facebook page.

The list includes both fiction and non-fiction and contains references to books that can be found in my Lake County library, as well as books that can be found via WorldCat.org.

Through WorldCat.org, the reader can seek a book in thousands of library catalogs and have the results sorted by geographical distance from the user.

I hope that libraries seeking to serve patrons who are on the autism spectrum will consider adding these books to their collections.

The list can be viewed at http://cynthiaparkhill.blogspot.com/2012/04/recommended-books-about-autism-for.html. Watch for additions as I gain awareness of other valuable books.

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