Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Middletown Library

Yarnbombing tag: “New Library” on fence surrounding construction site for Middletown Library
Photo by Cynthia Parkhill
What a great view I have from the Middletown library each Saturday as I shelve returned books: the new library and senior center directly across the street. Steel frames have been erected and make a dramatic sight.

My husband and I have walked over for closer views of the new Middletown Library. We can see the outline of what will be a parking lot, as well as molds for pouring the foundation.

David Petri, president, Friends of the Middletown Gibson Library (FMGL), calls the new library a “soon-to-be-realized 10-year effort by county officials, grant writers, volunteers, countless book sales and the constant and steady support of our beloved current library by FMGL.”

As a volunteer shelver, I will be glad when the library collection will have room to grow. There simply isn’t enough shelving available in the current library, which means books and audio resources are stacked where we can make space.

Gehlen Palmer, Middletown Library director, notes in “Library News” for February, that it is hoped the new library will be finished in time for Thanksgiving. He also reports that Calpine has presented the new library with a circulation desk, work table, office desk and two storage cabinets.

Published March 27, 2012 in the Lake County Record-Bee

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