At 39 I learned that I am on the autism spectrum. The discovery was a revelation after a lifetime of not fitting in and of feeling like an alien among family and peers.

I am actively curating a list of books for people on the autism spectrum. It is my ambition to replicate this list in a physical collection at one or more libraries.

If you, like me, learned in adulthood that you are on the autism spectrum, I wish you success in your voyage of self-discovery. I offer this list and other blog entries as resources. Among writings on this blog, which are labeled according to the Dewey Decimal System, I recommend the following subjects:

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Additional Resources

The links below have been tested and verified as of June 2020.

At, Leigh Forbes has compiled several online tests for determining the likelihood that a person has Asperger’s syndrome. They provide informative resources.

Welcome to the Autistic Community,” released in January 2014 by the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN), is available from the ASAN website. Available at reading levels suitable for adolescents and adults, the document “introduces newly-diagnosed Autistic people to the community and answers common questions they might have, covering topics such as legal rights and identity.” An animated version is also available.

From the Job Accommodation Network, Accommodation Ideas for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Relationships and Sexuality,” created jointly by Autism Now and ASAN, addresses issues related to consent, abuse, moving in with a partner, gender identity and more.

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