Black cat sitting on pink shirt that features a layered black on white-background-floral Sharrow or Share-the-Road bicycle road-marking design
My beautiful cat Starfire ‘models’ one of my sewing creations
Creativity is a huge part of who I am. I consider it my “superpower.” I got started sewing at an early age when my mother essentially turned me loose to use her sewing machine. And I was fortunate to take a sewing class during the final year it was available at my high school.

From creating historical costumes for my dolls, I graduated to sewing clothes for people. I enjoy repurposing fabric or old garments into unique new creations.

One of the things I most enjoy making are hats.

Hats have been a part of my image for so long, you might even say they’re part of my “brand,” especially when having multiple — and sometimes very different — responsibilities is described as “wearing many hats.” For three years, I assembled hat pieces professionally for Hat People in southern Oregon.

I’ve made a long and varied exploration in various forms of textile arts: tablet weaving, lace-making, knitting and crochet. The most public expression of my art is through yarn-bombing installations at libraries.

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