Friday, June 16, 2017

Self-checkout for privacy at Sonoma County Library

Sign in black lettering against a white background that reads, 'Teens - Help Yourself. Look for these numbers on the shelves. For more privacy, use the self-checkout machines. Abuse/incest: 362.76 and 362.78. Abusive relationships: 362.8292 and 362.88. Acne/skin care: 616.53 and 646.726. AIDS/HIV: 616.9792. Alcohol: 362.292. Anorexia: 616.8526. Birth control: 363.9609 and 613.94. Body changes/puberty: 612.661. Body image: 306.4613 and 616.852. Date rape: 362.883. Depression: 616.852, 616.8527, 616.85844. Divorce: 306.89. Drugs: 362.292 and 362.2918. Health/hygiene: 613.04243 and 613.7043. LGBTQ: 306.766 and 613.951. Pregnancy: 306.856, 306.8743, 618.2024. Relationships and dating: 305.235, 306.70835, 646.77. Self-esteem: 305.235. Sex: 613.951. STDs: 616.951. Suicide: 362.2, 362.28, 362.283.'
Source: Buzzfeed News, via Tumblr user ‘kassysgalaxyyy’

Having recently used self-checkout at Sonoma County Library, it seemed a good time to re-share this sign, promoting self-checkout options at the Sacramento Public Library. ​

The sign directs teens toward information that they may be too embarrassed or afraid to ask an adult to help them locate — and reminds teens that using self-checkout will offer them more privacy.

As sign-creator Justin Azevedo told Buzzfeed News:
“I would notice how popular teen books on these topics were, but how rare actual questions about them from teen library patrons were. Most of the topics would be embarrassing to ask about, but some of them could threaten their privacy or even safety if asked in front of people or discovered by parents in a search engine history.”
Many of these topics will have their counterparts on Sonoma County Library shelves — and local teens, too, can access them in privacy through self-checkout at Sonoma County Library.

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