Thursday, February 23, 2017

Ashland schools open, in spite of snow

Black cat sits in windowsill, looking through window at snow-covered landscape outside

In spite of snow that accumulated overnight, all Ashland, Oregon schools are running as scheduled and on time today (Feb. 23, 2017). That's according to a 5:37 a.m. update to the district’s “School Closure & Delayed Start Info” page. “Our Director of Transportation spent the early morning hours driving the bus routes to verify that buses can safely transport students to school. We encourage all staff, parents and students to drive slowly and use caution when traveling to school campuses this morning.” Shown: the view from our apartment’s back window from the perspective of our cat Starfire.

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  1. The majority of road-side snow had melted away by the time I walked home this evening from my afternoon job. (Higher elevations remain blanketed.) But as of this writing, the "next wave" had arrived; I saw little flakelets descending from the sky but don't know if they will "stick." So Ashland readers, your best bet for school-closure updates is the Ashland School District website ( In the event of a school-closure or a delayed-start, banner displays will be posted at the top of all pages on the district's website and these banners will link to detailed information for the emergency announcement.


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