Saturday, June 18, 2016

Planter slipcovers from fabric

Green leafy plants inside two round planters that have been covered with multi-color against white, leaf-patterned fabric. The bottom of each planter slipcover and a foldover 'lip' is white polka-dot against light green

Black-cloth planters provide utilitarian and practical housing for a small garden of peppers and kale, but aesthetically, they’re rather “industrial.” Fortunately, we found brightly-patterned canvas fabric at Sew Creative in downtown Ashland, Oregon. At the beginning of June, I used this wonderfully colorful fabric to fashion planter slipcovers.

Our sweet Starfire blessed the project as only a happy and playful cat can.

Since their construction, the slipcovers protected tender plants during a week of summer heat that made way for cooler weather and spring rains. I couldn’t resist taking a photograph this morning of the now-much-larger plants in their slipcover-enhanced containers.

Black cat stretches full length on multicolored leaf against white fabric, a tape measure wrapped around her body

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