Friday, May 20, 2016

‘Classroom Friendly’ pencil sharpener

Sharpened pencils arranged next to a 'Groovy Green' pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies atop a blue, green and purple drawstring pouch on wooden table surface
‘Classroom Friendly’ sharpener in ‘Groovy Green’
Between looking up call numbers or doing homework or some other writing, someone, somewhere, in the library, is going to need a pencil, meaning a fresh supply of sharpened pencils needs always to be on hand. If you understand this, you’ll know why a quiet, efficient manual sharpener is a really wonderful thing.

Recently, I was privileged to try out a really great pencil sharpener, courtesy of Classroom Friendly Supplies. I had a bundle of unsharpened pencils at the ready when my “Groovy Green” sharpener arrived.

Ready-to-use out of the box

The “Classroom Friendly” manual sharpener arrived ready-to-use, out of the box. I was delighted with how easy to use, how efficient and quiet it is.

Basically, the silver face plate has two knobs that hold the pencil in place.

To operate the sharpener, pull the silver face plate forward until it locks into place. Next, pinch the black knobs together. Insert the pencil completely into the sharpener and then release the knobs. (See my photograph below, depicting a pencil secured in place and ready for sharpening.)

Pencil inserted into 'Classroom Friendly' manual pencil sharpener
A pencil, ready for sharpening

Place one hand on top of the sharpener in order to hold it secure. (Optionally, you can secure the sharpener to your table with a clamp that comes included, or you can separately purchase a permanent mount.)

Turn the handle clockwise to sharpen the pencil, it will be pulled in automatically and the handle will spin freely once the pencil is fully sharpened. The final step is to pinch the two black knobs and remove the now-sharpened pencil.

Writable points, even on ‘problem’ pencils

The sharpener produces long points that are functional; that is, I can put pressure on them and the pencil points don't break.

The most significant improvement was with pencil points that, formerly, exposed graphite on only one side. First chance I got, I went to work with my “Groovy Green” sharpener upon sharpening a box of pencils that had yielded several “problem” points. And in striking contrast to the electric sharpener, my results this time were great. Not only did the sharpening go much faster (and quieter) with the “Classroom Friendly” sharpener, but every time the graphite achieved clearance above the jut of wood.

The “Classroom Friendly” sharpener is sold for $24.99 apiece (price current as of May 2016), but the price drops to $13.99 each if ordered in a case of 36. I opted for “Groovy Green,” my favorite color, but many other vibrant colors are available.

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