Saturday, April 30, 2016

Rogue Commute Challenge

Two bicycles attached to a bike rack. Text in upper-right corner states, 'For each mile not driven: 0.98 fewer lbs of CO2s are released into our environment.' In lower-right corner, text states, 'Figures according to Washington State Department of Transportation'

In the spirit of reducing our carbon footprint, of enhancing personal wellness and honoring the interdependent web of life, I’m asking co-workers if they'd be interested in forming “Rogue Commute Challenge” teams.

Local businesses form teams and from May 9 to 15, participants log their walking, biking, carpooling, teleworking and transit trips into the “DriveLessConnect” database.

The Ashland School District is forming a team, led by its Wellness Committee. I am currently promoting formation of a team at the church where I work part-time.

To a photo of our bicycles secured to a bicycle rack at the church, I added informational text. It states that for every mile not driven, 0.98 fewer pounds of CO2 emissions are released into our environment. (Those figures are according to the Washington State Department of Transportation.)

To follow my “Rogue Commute Challenge” activities, along with bike and bus travel in general, I recommend reading my Librarian on a Bicycle blog about auto alternatives.

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