Monday, January 25, 2016

‘Blue Oaks Amphitheater’: Information sought and provided

On Jan. 24, a reader asked me for leads on information about the Blue Oaks Amphitheater, formerly at Yuba Community College’s Clear Lake Campus.

Making use of a library affiliation that granted me access to the NewsBank online database, I retrieved this passage:

“An ongoing mission of the [Lake Community PRIDE*] foundation has been to establish a performing arts venue in southern Lake County. Volunteer efforts originally led to construction of the Blue Oaks Amphitheater on Yuba Community College’s Clear Lake Campus. The open-air venue later had to be dismantled as it was constructed without first submitting plans for approval by the Department of the State Architect.”

That’s from “New performing arts center is groups’ one goal,” published Aug. 18, 2005 by the Lake County Record-Bee.

(*PRIDE=Parents Rise in Defense of Excellence)

While I treat questions like this as opportunities to provide “library reference services,” the reader asking this question was likely depending more on the fact that I formerly worked for the newspaper.

Indeed, I wrote the article in question — and with this tease to my memory, I was reasonably certain that NewsBank search would yield at least one result.

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