Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bullying Prevention Month book display

Books stood upright on shelf-top, their covers facing outward. From left to right, the books are 'Just Kidding' by Trudy Ludwig, 'Tough!' by Erin Frankel and 'Tolerance' by Lucia Raatma

In honor of Bullying Prevention Month (October), I put books on display that address bullying. The books are available from our collection in Bellview Elementary School library.

Among highlighted books, Weird!, Dare! and Tough! by Erin Frankel (302.24 FRA) tell the story of an ongoing bullying incident from the perspectives of the target, bystander and the student who instigated the bullying.

Just Kidding, My Secret Bully and Trouble Talk by Trudy Ludwig (302.34 LUD) address aspects of bullying and conflict and Friends (Mostly) by Barbara Joosse (E JOO) addresses children who disagree but remain friends.

I also put out informational books about consideration, cooperation and tolerance by Lucia Raatma (177 RAA, 179 RAA and 179 RAA), as well as Joy Berry’s Every Kid’s Guide to Handling Disagreements (302.3 BER).

Entire schools and communities must unite to support the targets of bullying. By promoting these books, I hope in my small way to promote a cruelty-free world. I encourage adults to do their part and share these resources with students.

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