Monday, July 20, 2015

Jackson County Library Services, re-branded as independent entity

During a recent visit to the Ashland library, I picked up a letter that was sent to me. It announced my transition from Jackson County volunteer to being a volunteer specifically with Jackson County Library Services (JCLS).

Stylized rendition of an open book, its spine and open pages rendered in green, with a silhouetted oak tree emerging from the right-hand page.
JCLS logo
“This step is part of the overall process to transition administration of library services from the County to the newly-formed Library District.”

Atop the letterhead, a new logo design further distinguishes JCLS as no longer part of Jackson County government, but instead an “independent unit of local government,” the Jackson County Library District, which was approved by Jackson County voters on May 20, 2014.

The library district is governed by an independent, unpaid Board of Directors elected by the local community. Designed by John Higley, a graphic designer in Ashland, Oregon, the new logo “transforms an open book into a rolling grassy field with a silhouetted oak tree,” as described in a press release issued earlier this year.

For my part, this change in status matters little in terms of my commitment as a lifetime supporter of libraries, to share my time and my abilities as other responsibilities allow. I am, and always will be, a volunteer-advocate for libraries.

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