Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Standing continues to present challenges

Metal cane, painted with paisley pattern in green, brown and red, with a three-strand braid out of dark-green and olive-green T-shirt fabric secured to the cane near the handle and approximately one-quarter from the base. The cane and braided strap are lying on daffodil-print pale blue fabric.
My cane baldric, braided from strips of T-shirt fabric
Two-and-a-half years after injuring my ankle, I continue the process of recovery. It’s a gradual process and, while I have regained mobility, standing for a long duration continues to present challenges.

I walked with a cane for several months, carrying it with a braided baldric that I wore when I rode my bicycle.

Use of the bicycle involved a different set of muscles than walking did, and I could effectively get around by bike even when it was difficult to walk.

I’ve regained mobility to the point that I no longer work with a cane. And during this past year, I’ve worked on prolonging the length of time that I can stand.

I try to pay attention to my body’s signals. When I am able to stand, that’s great! I honor it. But I give myself permission to kneel on a chair — and even to remain seated while everyone around me stands.

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