Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Reading selections support UU parenting

"Full Week Faith Sample Cards," small cards attached by metal rings, with Unitarian Universalist inspirational/religious messages.
Image credit: Karen Bellavance-Grace
When it comes to wanting to inform constituents about available resources, there is little difference between me as “Religious Explorations” administrative coordinator for the Rogue Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, and as administrator of a small UU lending library.

Posted this week to RVUUFian Parents, an open Facebook group:

At Call and Response/UUA Blogs, Pat Kahn shares programs and reading selections that support UU parenting.

Kahn’s post is the second of two parts, both highlighting resources available through the online UUA Bookstore. When she posted her initial selections of resources for UU families, Kahn posited, “The family is a huge factor in a child’s faith development.”

And from Karen Bellavance-Grace: Last year, a group of UU religious educators described 31 different family configurations showing up in their congregations.

Religious educators and parents are both called to “show up” in new ways, according to Bellavance-Grace. She encourages adoption of a “Full Week Faith” approach to reach people of all varieties who need “our Love and the saving Grace of Unitarian Universalism.”

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