Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bitstrips: Introducing a cartoon version of myself

Cartoon version of Cynthia M. Parkhill, created with Bitstrips app, stands at a table with books stacked on it. Shelved books are shown in background. Caption below the illustration reads, "Some of Cynthia's happiest moments are spent in the library."
Here’s my first Bitstrips comic panel, featuring a cartoon version of myself, that was created using an interface through Facebook.

I hope to resume an exploration of visual storytelling, begun during high school when I hand-drew comics featuring my teachers as elite, crime-fighting superheroes, and continued online with Yahoo! Avatars and

I’m especially interested in Bitstrip’s use as a teaching tool for autism. From Valentin & Blackstock Psychology:
“Bitstrips can help children with autism express themselves through comic strip conversations in a fun and interactive way. It can help them develop awareness of basic emotions by assigning facial expressions to the action presented in the comic, and use text elements to show what people are thinking, feeling and saying in a particular situation or conversation.”
First up in my personal Bitstrips collection is a homage to the library, where I spend some of the happiest moments of my life.

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