Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hand-made bookmarks in time for summer reading

Paint displaying shades of yellow, assembled into a bookmark. A folded man's dress shirt and tie design has been stamped onto the bookmark and a red cutout circle with diagonal line through it superimposed on top of it. Above and below it are horizontal strips of patterned tape in a green and burgundy diamond pattern. The bottom of the bookmark is decorated with a wide horizontal stripe of white dots against a green background. Red, black and green decorative thread is strung and knotted through a hole punched in the top of the bookmark.Saturday’s “Crafternoon” in the Ashland library teen department was very appropriately themed in preparation for summer reading at Jackson County Library Services.

We made bookmarks using a variety of materials: ribbons, buttons, paint sample cards, “craft sticks,” decorative tape, stamps and, most importantly, imagination.

If you missed Saturday’s activity, be sure to watch for summer events, which begin as soon as school lets out. They’re one more reason to vote Yes on Measure 15-122.

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