Thursday, July 4, 2013

Water refill station at Fourth of July celebration

"WOW Water on Wheels" water bottle refill station
Water on Wheels
Some kind of awesome: The “water on wheels” refill station encouraged reusable bottle use during the Fourth of July celebration in downtown Ashland, Oregon. It was an unexpected pleasure, this being a federal holiday event and not, say, the Rogue Valley Earth Day celebration.

This is far more environmentally responsible than $2 teeny-tiny bottled water concessions (I’m talking to you, Sonoma County Fair).

I appreciate venues that refuse to buy into charging consumers 2,000 times more than they would pay if they drank water from the tap (The figure comes from The Story of Stuff’s “Story of Bottled Water”). And I didn’t have to argue to a fair security guard that my stainless-steel water bottle is not a weapon.

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