Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Library news: How do you keep up?

At Hack Library School, Paul Lai wants to know how library professionals stay current on library news. He asks readers to share two things:
  1. What is one source of library news that you check regularly to stay on top of the news (listserv, blog, professional magazine, scholarly journal, podcast, etc.)?
  2. What is one current library news item that has caught your attention recently?
Hack Library School is in my blogroll, so it regularly “finds me.” I continually refine my blogroll with blogs that relate to libraries and emerging media.

I rely on weekly email updates from American Libraries Magazine and, as a student member of the American Library Association, I receive the print edition as well.

I follow accounts on Twitter and Facebook and am a member of groups on LinkedIn. To reduce traffic and isolate the library-relevant accounts, I “like” pages as my professional page on Facebook and curate lists on Twitter.

. In response to the second question, the news item that caught my attention concerns the threat of budget-based closures at my local public library.

This item is of double concern to me as a lifelong user/supporter of libraries, as well as an aspiring library professional. An open library benefits an entire community, including library employees and volunteers.

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