Thursday, July 25, 2013

I’m with ALA president: ‘Libraries Change Lives’

Mug shot: American Library Association 2013-2014 President Barbara Stripling
Barbara Stripling
In the July/August American Libraries, American Library Association President Barbara Stripling details her presidential initiative, “Libraries Change Lives.”

Stripling’s initiative focuses on strengthening literacy initiatives, sharing innovative practices and building on community engagement. In her words:
“Americans have a right to effective school, public, academic, and special libraries. As part of Libraries Change Lives, we have developed a Declaration for the Right to Libraries to serve as a strong public statement of the value of libraries to empower individuals, strengthen families, build communities, and protect our right to know.”
As a life-long patron and supporter of libraries, I’ve experienced libraries’ value first hand. Libraries empowered me through access to print and online resources as well as emerging technologies.

The message that access to libraries is “a right” takes on special significance as budget shortfalls threaten to close the Jackson County public libraries.

I appreciate Stripling’s efforts to build public goodwill for libraries.

Stripling, the assistant professor of practice at Syracuse University in Syracuse, N.Y., was elected in 2012 by ALA members to serve as 2013-2014 president.

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