Sunday, July 28, 2013

Felting rack is cat hideout

A knitted and felted bag rests on a makeshift drying rack: a window screen held up by books. My beautiful cat Starfire is stretched out beneath the rack.

Felting was the next step after completion of a circular-knit bag for a class taught by Erin Duffy at The Web-sters. After setting up a drying rack on the bed, it came as no surprise to find my sweet Starfire stretched out underneath.

I spent the morning “roughing up” my knitting against the sides of a steel colander in a sink full of hot water, occasionally “shocking” it in cold.

Paper from a newspaper end roll gives the bag shaping while it dries. The final step will be to attach contrasting-color shoelace handles, chosen to highlight shading in the novelty yarn that I used when knitting the bag’s “cowl.”

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