Friday, July 19, 2013

Education and health care: the best choice, even if you’re selfish

My Facebook timeline displays a head shot of Young Adult fiction writer John Green with the caption: “Let me explain why I like to pay taxes for schools even though I don’t personally have a kid in school: I don’t like living in a country with a bunch of stupid people.”

The meme captures my belief that we owe a social contract to the people in our communities. It captures my disgust at society’s monumental failure to support education and libraries. Society will reap the consequence of failing to invest in its workforce.

The meme can be adapted to reflect my position on single-payer health care. I don’t like living with sick people who can make me sick because they can’t afford health insurance and come to work anyway. Investing in health care and education for all protects selfish people’s own interests.

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