Saturday, October 13, 2012

Middletown library move planned for January

Wooden blocks with engraved metal nameplates
Book title plaques for
library patron wall
During today’s book sale I picked up informative handouts about the new Middletown library.

Latest estimate for its completion time is late November or into December, according to the message from director Gehlen Palmer in the August 2012 Library News, a publication of the Friends of the Middletown Gibson Library.

According to Palmer, library staff and county workers are planning the move in January.

“We have what we feel is a unique idea for getting materials from one building to the other,” Palmer states. “We will be asking our library users to come in to the Gibson Library, check out their maximum number of books on their card and then take them home to read or simply walk them across the street and return them at the new library. We are asking for the aid of our community to help us accomplish our move, and we very much appreciate their help and support.”

Middletown craftsman Phil Cianfarini has constructed a patron wall “bookshelf” that will hold 102 “books.” People and organizations can purchase engraved nameplates that will go on the spines of the “books.” Some of the “books” and nameplates can be viewed at the Middletown library.

The cost of a plaque for a person or family is $100 and the cost of a plaque for an organization or business is $200. The newsletter notes that all money raised will buy learning materials for the new library.

For more information or to reserve a space on the patron wall, contact Palmer during library hours at 987-3674. Payment can be sent to Friends of the Middletown Gibson Library, PO Box 578, Middletown, CA 95461.

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