Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Arguing con in debate over Internet privacy

Toastmasters debate: Introduction of participants
Aug. 13, 2009: Toastmasters Club No. 8731, Tenacious Talkers, hosts a debate.
 I face an interesting assignment for LIBT 117 in the Cuesta College Library/Information Technology Program. Not only did our teacher assign each of us a topic, but also whether we would argue pro or con.

This exercise reminds me of a debate I moderated for Tenacious Talkers, Club 8731, Toastmasters International. A coin toss determined whether the debators would argue pro or con during the debate.

What made the debate particularly challenging was that the coin toss occurred on the evening of the debate. The debaters had to prepare arguments for both sides in anticipation of having to argue pro or con.

Thus, arguing con in the matter of privacy, my position is, “Resolved: Individual citizens don’t need the right to privacy in order to discharge their rights as citizens.” I will blog my progress as I work on this assignment.

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