Sunday, August 26, 2012

Reppler enhances brand consistency

Screen capture: Reppler network analytics
A lead from Joshua Waldman, social media strategist and author of Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies, introduced me to Reppler, a social media scanning tool that “monitors pictures and wall posts for tone, appropriateness and any telltale signs of someone hacking your account.”

I set it to work scanning my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles and earned “partly” and “mostly positive” ratings for my Facebook wall and LinkedIn updates respectively, while my Twitter use rated as “neutral.”

(And yes, it displayed the cat ears hat photos I had recently uploaded.)

But I discovered another benefit: among network analytics Reppler delivers about my accounts, it displays side-by-side summaries and work history timelines for the different accounts.

Reppler helped me look for inconsistencies and areas in which a particular summary might be outdated or incomplete. Great way to cultivate the personal branding that Waldman strongly promotes.

Beyond finding and keeping a job, a scanning tool like Reppler has potential value for any situation in which you want to control your image.

Advice by Steve Buttry comes to mind, about blaming stupidity for journalists’ stupid posts, as does the Lifehacker admonition that too much Facebook privacy can be bad. Both cases require the social media user to carefully think about what he or she posts.

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