Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Skillful means helps cultivate awareness

Cover image: “Mastering Skillful Means” by Tarthang Tulku

During lunch today I was reading “Mastering Successful Work” by Tarthang Tulku (Dharma Publishing, 1994). I encountered this passage, “Daily Checklist,” that I thought valuable to share:
“Start the day by reflecting on the key questions below, adding your own to the list. Remember to check back at the end of the day: How well did you do?
“What are my priorities for the day?
“How will I focus my awareness?
“How can I measure my success?
“Who is depending on me?
“What am I forgetting or ignoring?
“What is cloudy or foggy? Being covered up?”
The checklist highlights a chapter in the book that is called “Paying Attention.”

I have found  Tarthang Tulku’s book and an earlier book, “Skillful Means,” to be valuable in developing awareness. In my personal and professional endeavors I am required to learn new things and to meet expectations that are imposed by myself and others.

Skillful means is worth pursuing because it cultivates the mind in ways that can benefit irregardless of what task I am trying to pursue. I know that in some areas, I still need improvement for cultivating greater awareness. I turn to these books to help myself develop in that direction.

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