Sunday, February 12, 2012

YA book blog: Generation T

Cover art: Generation T
Cover art: Generation T

Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-shirt by Megan Nicolay (New York: Workman Publishing, 2006) contains step-by-step instructions for refashioning T-shirts into a variety of fashionable garments and household furnishings: tank tops, mini-skirts, cushions, pillows, tote bags and more: even a wedding dress for the collection’s grand finale.

Sidebar layouts present a pictorial history of T-shirts in film and T-shirts as as worn by celebrities.

This book is shelved with adult non-fiction at my library. Teens who enjoy crafting and do-it-yourself will enjoy this book, which developed out of the author’s T-shirt refashioning parties.

I think teens will enjoy the opportunity to personalize and express individual style with a garment that is so much a part of our society. The majority of styles are for girls or women but there are a few for boys or men. Several styles require little-to-no sewing to suit a variety of skill levels.

Originally submitted to a class discussion board for Cuesta College LIBT 118: Connecting Adolescents with Literature and Libraries.

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