Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Makerblog: New life for Kliban’s Cat on a Swing

T-shirt refashioning: Kliban’s Cat on a Swing
I took some time off from work last week and my husband Jonathan and I spent a few days in Ashland, Ore. While primarily a relaxing trip, I did have the purposeful objective of salvaging my favorite shirt: yellow, with Kliban’s Cat on a Swing.

The shirt’s fabric had become thin with wear and was beginning to show snags.

Another shirt, striped in shades of green, faced the same dilemma of being too worn for further use.

I planned to salvage both of the shirts in a layered design: Cat on a Swing framed by the stripes. To complete the project, I needed the right base garment to attach them to.

That’s where Goodwill Industries of Southern Oregon came in.

With clothes hung by colors, I feel right at home in Goodwill Industries’ stores. Its store in Medford, Ore. seemed a good place for me to look for a T-shirt suitable for attaching the Kliban design.

Sure enough, I found a golden-green tie-dyed shirt for $3.

With the layered cat design, shades-of-green stripes and green eyelet lace arranged in a frame, the finished garment is wonderfully unique. Goodwill Industries totally has to be my T-shirt refashioning HQ.

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