Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yarn Bombing: Freehand crocheted message tag

Crocheted rectangular panel reading "Support Libraries" lengthwise, with several rows of crocheted mesh in progress along the top long edge. The piece is worked in yellow and the letters are in alternating burgundy and blue.
“Support Libraries” freehand crochet message tag
This project is based upon Masquerade’s “I Wasn’t Here” message tag, featured in Yarn Bombing by Mandy Moore and Leanne Prain except that instead of combining knit and crochet, it is made entirely in crochet. Instead of embroidering the message onto the finished tag, the letters are crocheted as the crafter goes along.

Target dimensions are seven inches wide by the necessary length.

The tag is designed to be stitched around a railing. The mesh allows the tag to stretch and compact to fit a variety of settings where the crafter was not able to obtain exact measurement.

I begin by crocheting the strip that will include the message. This portion of the tag is made with single-crochet.

When made with worsted-weight yarn, I cast on 14 chains, which gives me 13 stitches. I use a size I/9 hook.

The first four and last four stitches of each row are worked in the main color, giving me a solid colored border. This leaves five stitches in the center in which to alternate colors to form lettering.

Depending upon the weight of the yarn and size of crochet hook used, a crafter may be able to cast on more stitches and work in greater detail, but he or she should continue to aim for a one-inch letter height. If the letters are too large, they will wrap around the surface of the object to which the tag is attached.

The lettering was formed freehand directly into the crochet with the unused color being carried along on the wrong side of the work. I introduced each change in color when the last two loops of the stitch I was working on, were on the hook. I yarned-over with the new color and pulled it through the remaining loops.

If I didn't like how a letter looked I unraveled those rows and attempted the letter again. I used a row of solid color between each letter and three rows between separate words.

After the message portion was created, I made a row of single-crochet along one long-end of the tag. Next, I chained five and made a single crochet in the third chain from the hook (working back along the long end). I repeated to end: five chains, single crochet in third chain from hook.

For the second row of netting, I chained five and made a single crochet in the netting from previous row and again continued to end. For the remainder of the tag, I continued working these rows along the length of the tag until, when lightly stretched it measured approximately seven inches.

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