Thursday, July 21, 2011

Welcome home, Starfire

A lovely little cat needed a home who’d been staying on Harbin property, fending for herself after her owner suffered a severe stroke. Jonathan brought home the cat, whom we call Starfire, on Friday, July 15.

Starfire’s name evokes her color, which is nearly all black. She has white “stars” on her chest and belly. On her right hind foot, Starfire has a broken or deformed toe.

We missed Elizabeth and felt lonely at home without having a cat. Starfire needed a home and giving her a home has made a wonderful difference for us. She is such a loving cat!

My column this week is about our sweet Elizabeth and the lessons we feel that she learned — chiefly caring for other cats. Elizabeth was such an awesome kitty; I’m so glad she was in my life.

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