Saturday, December 18, 2010

Custom spine labels on lending library books

Books with "chalice" spine labelsBright, catchy graphics paired with a brief phrase, affixed to the spine of a book: subject classification labels provide an immediate display of what a book is all about.

The UUCLC Lending Library has a special “chalice” symbol on the spines of particular books. These books specifically address our Unitarian Universalist beliefs and heritage.

A library supplier provided “Fiction” labels that adorn our fiction books. Look for other, non-fiction, labels to adorn other books as well. I’ve found, however, that unique characteristics of our lending library require a custom approach. Hence, the chalice labels affixed to several of our books.

Other labels draw upon heros of civil rights and the Unitarian tradition. The books that are labeled “Biography” bear the likeness of Margaret Fuller, whose Bicentennial is being celebrated this year by the UUA.

The labels designating “Civil Rights” bear the likeness of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Watch for other labels to debut that further highlight the unique character of our UUCLC Lending Library.

While it is true that a reader cannot always judge a book by its cover, the subject classification labels are purposely designed to say a lot about a book’s character.

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