Friday, November 27, 2009

MakeBeliefs Comix: Trust Walk

Comic strip in three panels. The first panel's narrative reads, "A Terrible Catch-22." A human-looking rabbit says "OK class... We're going to do a trust walk. You'll be divided in pairs." A human-looking cat thinks, "Oh no ..." In the second panel, the rabbit says, "You'll be divided in pairs. One of you will be blindfolded and the other will lead you around." The cat thinks, "I can't trust the other children." In the third panel, the cat's thinking continues: "They'll purposely walk me into things just so they can laugh at me. But the teacher is making me do this. I am so doomed."
Created with MakeBeliefs Comix
Does anyone else remember the terrible moral dilemma of “trust walks” from religious education? Speaking from her position of unquestionable authority, the teacher demands behavior that counters the child’s instinct for self-preservation.

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