Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shelving cart for UUCLC Lending Library

Book shelving cart with books on it
Schoolhouse Outfitters, LLC

As we begin to accumulate more books for the UUCLC lending library, I envision a sturdy wheeled shelving cart that can transport books from the annex into the main sanctuary during social time after the services.

When I originally presented this idea, I intended to explore alternatives to the UUCLC having to purchase a cart. Unfortunately, this option has proven unrealistic.

I began by contacting the Lake County Library. I later contacted a consortium of North Bay public library systems. Everywhere, the message was the same: public libraries are not in a position to donate shelving carts.

Due to the specialized nature of a library shelving cart, I do not believe it viable to ask a member of the congregation to build a shelving cart. I have no doubt that someone could put wheels on a wooden shelf, but I am concerned by how heavy a wooden shelf would be to transport when laden with books.

Shelving carts are designed with that specific function in mind. To give you an idea of what I envision, a double-sided sloped shelf book truck is available for $204.99 from School Outfitters. As you can see by the illustration, it is double sided, which maximizes visibility of the books. It has six sloped shelves at dimensions of 36 inches wide by 6 ¾” deep. Total dimensions are 42 inches high by 37 inches wide by 18 inches deep.

Shelving carts are constructed out of lightweight but durable metal, ideal for transportation. The shelves allow books to be displayed with titles showing, as a conventional bookshelf would, but are additionally sloped inward to prevent books from falling off the shelf while in transport.

When we consider that the lending library is already in need of additional space, I believe a shelving cart would be an ideal supplement to the shelving space that exists. Books that are displayed on the cart would represent a portion of the lending library inventory, which would remain available in the annex. Books would be rotated frequently, so that fresh titles would be displayed in the social hall.

When discussing this matter in RE committee meeting on Aug. 16, we brainstormed setting up a fund that the congregation could contribute toward the cost of the shelving cart. This idea bears consideration. My thanks to our UU community, which has responded with support for the UU lending library.

Cynthia Parkhill, coordinator
UUCLC Lending Library

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