Thursday, March 5, 2009

MakeBeliefs Comix: When teachers bully

Comic strip in three panels. The first panel's narrative reads, "When teachers bully." A human-looking rabbit says, "All right class ... everybody take hands." A girl and a human-looking cat are also in the frame. In the second frame, the rabbit says to the cat, "No one wants to hold your hand so you have to hold a pair of combs. The children next to you can hold the other ends." The cat has a sad look on her face. In the third panel, the rabbit happily says, "All right! Take hands!" The cat has an angry look on her face and her hands are on her waist. The narrative reads, "How I hated her ..."

This MakeBeliefs Comix strip depicts a way that teachers bully, or give approval to classmates bullying. Chances are, if it happened today, the teacher would be slapped with a lawsuit or at least some sort of discipline.

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