Saturday, September 29, 2007

Advice for AS children given by AS adult

Parents of children with AS, this is a question for you. I was recently approached by a special ed teacher at one of the local middle schools; she suggested that after I've learned more about AS, which is the process I am in right now, that I come talk to the children, possibly about self-advocacy.

If an adult who has AS were going to speak to your AS child, what sort of advice would you want them to give, or what type of behavior would you want them to model? I don't have children of my own so this is outside my frame of reference.

In some ways your children will already be at an advantage by virtue of a diagnosis that was unknown when I was their age (doesn't saying that make me feel "old"!) So, many of the interventions (and hopefully the supporters and advocates) will already be in place. I would like to address needs that are not already being met, if it is in my power.

If you've suggestions I would like to hear them.

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