Saturday, August 26, 2006

Media and ‘cyber-cocooning’ activists, two poems

Biased Media: An Argument

“Media bias” has nothing to do
with your absence from the first draft of history.
Was it “media bias” that prompted you,
once you had set up your blog,
to cease writing letters to the editor?
And is it “media bias” that restricts your writing
to the members of your yahoo group
or your e-mail address book?
Newspapers don’t censor the opinions
of people who refuse to share them,
who entrench themselves and limit their reach
to the members of their cyber-cocoon.
Stop blaming the “media bias”
and look in the mirror instead.
Copyright © August 2006 by Cynthia M. Parkhill

I wrote a poem inspired by a set of Lake County activists who rely exclusively upon the Internet to communicate among themselves — and only among themselves — about local and national politics. The newspaper that has given them publicity is being ignored in return. Letters to the editor go unwritten while their e-mails zing back and forth. New York Times articles are circulated, but not articles published by the local media.

Communication is a Two-Way Street

The fourth estate is moving
to a more hospitable part of town,
to a subdivision whose planners
understand the need for a two-way street.
Copyright © August 2006 by Cynthia M. Parkhill

Sunday, August 6, 2006

Arts editor for Lake County Record-Bee

For the past month, I have been going up to Lakeport each Wednesday to build an Arts & Entertainment section for the Lake County Record-Bee. I’m officially its “arts editor” and will have a special e-mail account that forwards art submissions to me.