Sunday, March 26, 2017

‘Stories Alive,’ student writings in Bellview library

Book face-up on counter-top, 'Stories Alive 2016, Bellview Writes!' A cut-out slip of paper bearing the Dewey Decimal notation '808.8 STO' lies on the edge of the book cover next to the book's spine

A beautiful bound collection of students’ writing, circa 2016, can be read in Bellview library courtesy of “Stories Alive.”

The book arrived last week, and I gave high-priority to getting it ready for use: assigning its Dewey classification number, creating its record in the catalog and physically labeling the book.

Before we left for spring break, one of the visiting classrooms used library check-out time to leaf through the book. When school resumes, I am sure more students will enjoy seeing their names and classmates’ names in print.

“Stories Alive” is a nonprofit organization that focuses on literacy and performing arts by transforming students’ stories into artistic performances.

Earlier this year, a “Story Machine” was set up to collect students’ submissions, with writing workshops regularly hosted to foster students’ creativity. Several of their stories were brought to life during a school assembly complete with costumes and set.

The stories from this year are being transcribed for publication; that is something to look forward to. This organization has my full appreciation for the excitement of being an author and playwright that it inspires in children.

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