Wednesday, March 1, 2017

bodyCushion2™ promotional carousel slide

Infographic slide depicting a tan-colored bodyCushion orthopedic cushion. Infographic text reads, 'Introducing ... the new bodyCushion2. From $249. Click to learn more about the bodyCushion2'

I’ve worked part-time since April 2015 for Body Support Systems, the creator and manufacturer of the bodyCushion™, a set of cushions specially engineered for use during massage and other physical therapy treatments.

The client lies on the bodyCushion™, which supports his or her weight on the ribs and other bony structures of the body. The client is able to lie comfortably with no pressure on soft tissues like the breasts or abdomen.

I do a little of everything at work, including graphic design.

Here’s a slide from a carousel of images on the company’s homepage, introducing the bodyCushion2™, a new version of the original that is being marketed as “an ideal first investment” for students and new therapists.

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