Saturday, March 18, 2017

Animal photographs illustrate ‘fake news’

Cover, April 2017 issue of National Geographic Kids. Image depicts lemur standing on hind legs, arms upraised. Caption reads, 'Real or Fake: Is this Lemur Dancing?' Additional text next to insert-photo of elephant sitting on top of car, reads: 'Plus: Animal Fake-Outs, Tricky Photos, and More'

With fake news the subject of enormous concern in education/information communities, I want to highlight a new arrival in Bellview library that broaches the subject with young readers. The April 2017 issue of National Geographic Kids presents outrageous animal photos and asks if they are “real or fake.” It also presents guidelines to help readers separate “real-life headlines" from “phony-baloney stories.” This is a very timely subject, and I think the animal pictures make it especially accessible, something that children can relate to.

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  1. Additional resources: The Association for Library Service to Children has compiled an extensive list, including books and media that support unity and justice, diverse viewpoints, media literacy and more.


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