Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Yo-Yo books in Bellview library

Three books about Yo-Yos arranged upright on wire stands atop library counter with their covers facing outward. From left to right the books are, 'Yo-Yos: Tricks to Amaze Your Friends,'  'You Can Yo-Yo' and 'Awesome Yo-Yo Tricks.'

During the second half of the school year at Bellview Elementary School, the staff promotes special activities for the students to pursue. With a new activity or set of activities each month, it helps keep things fresh and interesting. For January, the emphasis is on Yo-Yo and Kendama.

To encourage students with January’s activity, Bellview library has books about Yo-Yo techniques available for check-out: Awesome Yo-Yo Tricks by Shar Levine (796.2 LEV), Yo-Yos: Tricks to Amaze Your Friends by Ingrid Roper (796.2 ROP) and You Can Yo-Yo! by Bruce Weber (796.2 WEB). Our informational collection includes books about many other fun activities; I’m encouraging Bellview staff to have their students give ’em a try.

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