Thursday, January 19, 2017

Inbound Certification from Hubspot Academy

Inbound Certification badge for Cynthia M. Parkhill, issued by Hubspot Academy. Valid through February 2018

My attraction to the strategies of inbound and content marketing — of nurturing potential customers by creating interesting content instead of forcibly intruding on their time — led me to pursue Inbound Certification from HubSpot Academy.

Intrusive contact seems the one-size-fits-all approach still taken by many companies. Those sales-people who call me, resist my requests that they send information via email. Some balk at giving me a URL in order to look up the company, maybe research its products and get to know its values by reading the corporate blog. Instead, they offer excuses for why they must pursue prospects by phone.

The thing is, when those sales-people call, they’re interrupting my day. They’re hijacking my time and essentially demanding that I shift my priorities to them.

If I’m amenable to contact but simply through a different avenue, why won’t these companies align their outreach with a potential lead’s preferences?

I respect those companies that share value with potential customers — that generously connect them with helpful information independent of self-benefit, and build rapport by sharing the story of day-to-day company developments.

With this certification and successive HubSpot courses, I hope to boost my understanding and abilities in the realm of content marketing. I want to use its best-practices in the outreach I do on behalf of my employers.

My Inbound Certification is valid through February 2018, according to the badge displayed via HTML coding in my blog above. Certification is valid through March 2018, if you consult the certificate of achievement that is formatted for print-out.

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